"the swan queen fandom had the sweaters and a selfie, now we deserve something too"

no. no you don’t. because you know what the swan queen fandom had in the past three years? absolutely nothing. because while your ships were acknowledged, the swan queen fandom was being ignored and poorly treated. the swan queen fandom has been through some shit, man. the swan queen fandom faced hatred and homophobia. the swan queen fandom was attacked and minimized by other fandoms. and the fact that your ships are canon and acknowledged and you have everything you could possibly wish for and still want to make one of the only times the swan queen fandom was even mentioned about you and your little ships is wrong and selfish. fuck that.


The only thing this awesome set doesn’t show is how she put her arms out for him and let him choose whether or not to walk into them. Which wow.


Sassgina Mills, everybody — (x)



I an still dying of laughter over this bullshit.


White Out



Young Charming’s hair :


Hook attacking the ice wall with his hook :


Hook’s vocabulary reduced to just one name :


FrozenSwan brotp :


Elsa / Anna portrayals :


Almost no Regina :


BUT Regina/Henry last scene :


Snow BAMF again :


Elizabeth Mitchell :


But really tho’, Hook attacking the ice wall with his hook :


Several times :


This post is flawless


Sometimes I really wish Once Upon A Time was The Regina Mills Show. Cause her and her relationship to others is literally all that I care about; everything else is kind of just


Additional Admin Required


Now more than ever this blog is needed within the ouat fandom and I would like it to be active again but to do that I need help!

New Admin Should;

  • Study the blog and understand its function.
  • Have an understanding of heterosexism/homophobia and have a willingness to educate fans about these issues.
  • Be able to discuss these issues clearly and concisely.
  • Be able to come up with new ideas to improve the blog.

If you’re interesting in becoming an admin just send me a message with why you would like to get involved and any ideas you have. I will chat to each applicant before making a decision. Thank you!


This post,, is getting around quite a bit it seems. Honestly, this is frightening. Not the blatant hatred for an entire group of thousands. Not just words like “you don’t mean anything” to a group in which so many members are already oppressed, bullied and even threatened, all for their mere existence in life. But it’s the support and the comments that are sickening. That are actually disturbing and even frightening.

Someone said to “put them in their place”. That makes me sick to my stomach and that words like that are supported…. This hatred, this bullying, this mentality- do any of you supporting this honestly think in your mind that you are any better than the worst BA in the fandom? You are supporting this grotesque and toxic hatred and all while patting yourselves on the back for your… what? Superiority, in some fashion, I assume? But how in any way, shape or form, are you better? Because your ship is canon? Because your BAs who ALSO SEND HATE and threaten the lives of cast and crew and other shippers and act like entitled brats have been ignored because your little ship on this little show is canon?

Because let’s not kid ourselves. We all say it but no one seems to GET IT that there are BAs, and I mean nasty, scary, hateful BAs in all these ships and yes Captain Swan, this most certainly means you as well. But you’re canon so there’s this mentality that the few BAs are just a few crazies that can be ignored because the rest of you are such amazing fans that love the show, right?

But Swan Queen, another ship of thousands that love and watch the show every week are less than because they’re not canon. That IS the mentality, don’t argue. Even if there’s excuses to cover it, that is the underlying mentality in the fandom.

I’m not going to call you homophobic and I’m not going to knock you for your love and acceptance for ships I don’t like because shockingly, I’m WELL AWARE that everyone who doesn’t support SQ is NOT homophobic, and will I ever judge you for loving CS or Rumbelle or any other ship I don‘t like because I get that we love what we love and we hate what we hate. And honestly, I don’t care. Why would I?

And why do you?

Why do over around 900 people who reblogged or liked that post, care? If you gave no attention to the BAs then imagine how little drama there would be. YES, the BAs in SQ as well as all these ships need to stop sending hate and creating all this drama. But what if they got NO ATTENTION? What if we never indulged those comments that act entitled or rude or hateful? What if we gave NO attention whatsoever to the loud mouths in the fandom? They are loud because we give them a megaphone, so why don’t we take it away? They can scream and holler all they want but if no one turns around and listens, what can they do?

What’s fascinating here is that people are angry as SQ shippers for being entitled. What do you call the mentality of the poster and the hundreds that agreed? Those comments suggested many believe it their right to “put SQ in their place” - to shut human beings already oppressed, down. What happens if CS stops being canon? Captain Swan was created by A&E. You are entitled to NOTHING. You are fortunate to be canon but you are owed NOTHING. If they break apart, is it then my right to spread hatred fandom wide to shut your entire ship down because I’m personally angry a few BAs are trying to make your ship canon again?

Are you, all of CS, or any other canon ship, “nothing” as soon as you’re no longer canon? Does “canon” equate to meaning? Because all of you- ALL OF YOU, that reblogged that post in support, supported the mentality that non canon shippers- as in actual HUMAN BEINGS, are “NOTHING”. Because their ship- their fucking SHIP on a God damn TV show is not “canon”. And some of you actually believe yourselves superior people…. That is scary. 

Think about that because that’s what it is. A mentality that canon ships have that they are superior and have a right to shut down ships that are not canon. Because it’s not BAs. No matter what you ignore, there are haters EVERYWHERE. So if your canon ship is no longer canon, what can you say when someone comes along and tells your entire ship of thousands they are NOTHING and deserve to be “put in their place”? Because CS, as a ship with no legendary support whatsoever, if you are no on longer canon, by your own definition in your hate rants, you are then considered nothing and in need of being shut down. 

What will you say then? 


It’s time for villains to get their happy endings.

"You can have happiness. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you just have to fight.”